Projektid „Omamökki 2019“ EU52825 ja „Kevadmess 2019“ EU53174
Tene Kaubandus OÜ suurendab Euroopa Regionaalarengu Fondi vahendite abil (taotlused EU52825;EU53174) müüki Skandinaaviasse. Projektide kogumaksumused olid 18 470,00 ja 6 000, 00 eurot, millest toetuse saaja omafinantseering on minimaalselt 3 694,00 ja 1 200,00 eurot ja toetused maksimaalselt 14 776,00 eurot ja 4 800,00 eurot

About Us

Information About the Manufacturer

The company “TENE KAUBANDUS OÜ” (Grupotene) produces various wooden products that include CHALETS, SHEDS, LOG CABINS, GAZEBOS, AWNINGS, SWINGS and GARDEN FURNITURE, this list is also amended by a number of products and additional equipment related to these products. You can visit us and come to our exhibition to see the main part of the various products manufactured by the company. The production of Grupotene log cabins is based in the Republic of Estonia.


As previously described, TENE KAUBANDUS OÜ (Grupotene) started its production in 1999 in its Estonian plant, manufacturing CHALETS, SHEDS, LOG CABINS, GAZEBOS, AWNINGS, SWINGS and GARDEN FURNITURE. By now the more than 12 years of experience have helped the company become one of the European leaders of its production sector; the company’s annual production volume exceeds 15 000 units that include products with floor areas from 4 to 150 m2 and with wall thicknesses between 28 to 70mm. 98% of our products are exported to other countries.

After 12 years of activity and thanks to our customers we now have representatives in GERMANY-THE NETHERLANDS-SWITZERLAND-FRANCE-NORWAY-ITALY-SWEDEN-FINLAND-POLAND-SPAIN-PORTUGAL and ROMANIA.


Our plant’s surface area is more than 22.000 m2 and its automated environment is home to 90 specialists who have received training the various fields related to the manufacture of timber products. We can use high-tech machinery for every production stage and, thanks to the high quality standards ensured by the automated system, we can provide our products’ construction with real warranty.


We provide the constructions of all of our products with a 5-year warranty that starts from the product’s purchase date. In order to offer the best service, all of our products are always packaged in UV-resistant plastic film and our products are also protected during transport against potential knocks by the respective bands and timber protection elements. All of our products have been produced in the cold and icy Northern European climate from the dry spruce that has been grown in ecologically managed forests of Sweden, Finland, Russia or the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania).

You are welcome to our homepage to see the new products, new house models and various price tenders added constantly.

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